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Dog Guard Midwest  Serving Iowa, Nebraska, Quad Cities / Western Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas.

Dog of the Month

February Dogs of the Month

The Kueny's from Elkhorn, Nebraska recently joined the Dog Guard Family. They love big dogs, but needed a way to safely contain them. Remi is a 3 year old German Shepherd, Maverick is a 3 year old Chocolate Lab and Ellie is a 3 year old Weimaraner. Aren't they photogenic!! I think this is the best picture we have ever gotten with multiple dogs:) They are doing great with the fence. Thank you for your business!!

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January Dog of the Month

Craig (Susan) Sylvester from Hedrick is pictured here with Ruby, his five month old German Shepherd. He runs a large farming operation with a lot of big equipment and wanted to contain Ruby to keep her safe. She likes follow him all over and he was concerned about the traffic coming in and out . She was a great student and quickly caught on to her new boundaries . He was recommended to us by his sister, Debbie Sylvester. Welcome to the Dog Guard Family!

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December Dogs of the Month

Andy Fales recently purchased a new property in West Des Moines. It has a beautiful home with a large yard, around 1 acre. He wanted Bernard, a two-year-old Welsh Corgi and Sophie, 13 year old Bichon Frise to have the run of the place. He found out about us through Home Advisor, a professional contractor screening company. Welcome to the Dog Guard Family!

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November Dog of the Month

Kelly and Nate Clayberg from Independence have a one-year-old Goldendoodle named Ozzie. They heard about us through the Ishams from Quasqueton:) They live on an acreage and wanted to Ozzy to be able to run free. We installed his fence last week and had him trained an off-leash within a couple of hours. Welcome to the Dog Guard Family!

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October Dogs of the Month

A big Dog Guard welcome to Brent and Michelle Redman from Ankeny! They have three adorable dogs that they needed to contain. Cayne is a three-month-old Aussiedoodle, Claire is a 7 year old Pomeranian and Chloe is a 10 week old Collie. The puppies took to the fence instantly, where Claire pouted and was a little hesitant at first:) Brent had installed a DIY brand a few years ago that was no longer functioning. We were able to take the old collars in on trade to save them some money. They were referred to us by Amy and Troy Koerselman. Welcome to the Dog Guard Family!

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September Dog of the Month

Greg and Hayley Wall from West Branch have a 1 year old Yellow Lab named Ruger. They have a fenced yard at their home, however, Greg farms at his grandparents house and likes to take Ruger with him. It's a long a busy highway and they were concerned for his safety. Greg's mother, Anita Wall, had a fence for her previous dog. She passed the collar on to them to save them some money. Welcome to the Dog Guard Family!

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