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Dog of the Month

December 2020 Dog of the Month

Please welcome our new friends, Bella & Agnes, to the Dog Guard family! šŸ¾Bella & Agnes are English Bulldogs who belong to Bob & Heidi Skow in Tiffin. The Skows recently moved into a new home and needed containment for Bella & Agnes in their yard - that's when they heard about us from Katy & Jesse Campbell and had us install an Out-Of-Sight fence! Both pups did really well during training after installation and are enjoying their new boundaries out in the snow! Thanks again to the Skows and the Campbells!

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November 2020 Dog of the Month

We'd like to welcome Hawkeye & Fynn to the Dog Guard family!šŸ¾ Hawkeye is a Golden Retriever and Fynn is a Lab/Heeler mix. Both belong to Angelique & Matthew Berry out in Livermore. The Berrys heard about us from Tom & Michelle Finnegan and contacted us to get a Dog Guard system for their yard. Installation took less than 3 hours and both dogs learned quickly during training. Angelique tells us both dogs are getting comfortable with their new boundaries. Have fun out there, Fynn & Hawkeye! Thank you again, Matthew & Angelique. Thank you also to the Finnegans for the referral.

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October 2020 Dog of the Month

We'd like to welcome Franklin & Maverick to the Dog Guard family!šŸ¾ Franklin is a 2 year-old Mini Dachshund and Maverick is a 1 year-old Cocker Spaniel. Both dogs belong to Kendallyn Recker in Cedar Rapids. Kendallyn heard about us from Pam & Al Westemeier and reached out to have us install a fence. Installation and training took less than 3 hours and Kendallyn reports Franklin and Maverick are both doing wonderfully! Thank you, Kendallyn, we appreciate you!

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September 2020 Dog of the Month

What a great picture of the Luers family over in Brighton! Tara & Daniel Luers were looking for a way to give their dogs, Maddie & Clara, the run of the yard without giving them the run of the entire surrounding area. That's when they heard about Dog Guard from Aimee & Ken Reed and had us come install an Out-Of-Sight fence. Both dogs were great to work with after installation. Maddie is a 2 year old English Golden Retriever and Clara is a 9 week old English Golden-Doodle. The Luers report both Maddie & Clara are doing great with their new boundaries. Thank you, Luers!!!! šŸ˜€

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August 2020 Dog of the Month

Say "Hello" to Buddy! šŸ¾ He's a 7 month old Bernedoodle who belongs to Jill & Travis Brokaw in Aledo, Illinois. Jill & Travis were looking for a way to keep Buddy safely contained in their yard. That's when they heard about Dog Guard from Jackie & Bryce Benson and contacted us to install an Out-Of-Sight fence at their home. Installation and training took less than 3 hours and Jill tells us, "Buddy is doing super great. Way better than I ever expected it to go." Good dog, Buddy! Thanks for the referral, Jackie & Bryce. And thank you for choosing Dog Guard, Brokaw family! šŸ‘

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July 2020 Dog of the Month

Mindy and Jerrod Collins from West Liberty heard about us from Amy McConnaha:) They have an 8 week old German Shepherd named Tank and a 10 year old Bulldog named Tuff. They live on an acreage and wanted the dogs to have a lot of room to run and patrol. We enclosed about 3 acres for them and word has it from Mindy that they aren't loving the heat, but are enjoying the freedom. Welcome to the Dog Guard Family!

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