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Dog of the Month

January 2022 Dog of the Month

Nika (10 week-old Husky) & Hagen (5 year-old Yellow Lab) are the newest members of our Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing family. They belong to Jessica Mahnesmith & Brandon Rippentrop of Charles City. Because Nika and Hagen have access to a nearby river and a busy road, their owners wanted to keep them safe from wandering off. We are so pleased to hear from Jessica that both dogs were quick to learn & are respecting their boundaries. Enjoy your freedom furbabies! šŸ¾šŸ¾

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December 2021 Dog of the Month

Another happy pup has joined the Dog Guard family! Cricket- a 2-year-old German Shorthair, lives in Hopkinton, IA with her new owner, Rod Jurgens. She sure is a lucky girl, because she now has five whole acres of complete freedom to enjoy! Thank you so much, Rod (and Laura & Tom Vaske for referring him to us!) for choosing Dog Guard!

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November 2021 Dog of the Month

Carter & Lexis Barkema live in Alexander, IA with these two pups. They recently installed a fence for Duke, an 18 week old German Short Hair. He's a puppy with tons of energy & they wanted to be able to leave him outside without having to worry about him running off or crossing the street while they were gone. We are so happy to hear he picked up his boundaries very quick and is doing wonderful with the system! Thank you so much for trusting Dog Guard to keep your pup safe!

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October 2021 Dog of the Month

These 2 handsome boys belong to Nicole & Jeff Vivacqua of Fairfield. Frankie is the Golden RetrieveršŸ¾ and Roadie is the 7 month old English Cream Golden Retriever. šŸ¾ The Vivacquas have had other pets on a Dog Guard system previously, and were well equipped to get these two pups using their whole yard! We know the satisfaction of having the dogs not run off will be a huge comfort to their days/years ahead. Thank you for supporting our family own & run business. We always appreciate the return business!

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September 2021 Dog of the Month

Theo is a 6 month-old St. Bernard/Poodle Mix who needs a lot of space to run, so Lacey & Joe (Welchert) Attebery of Blair, NE decided Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing was the way to go! Theo is now trained to the system and has plenty of room to run freely and safely. Lacey & Joe heard about us from Michaela & Joe Snoyer - thank you for the referral, and welcome to the Dog Guard family!

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August 2021 Dog of the Month

Look at these two handsome big boys! Great Dane Tucker is 4 years old, and Duke is 7. They are pictured here with their owner Michele Berte of Algona. As you can see they live in a wooded area and Michele wanted to give them the freedom of running in their large yard, but yet keeping them out of the woods and running off. Don't let their size fool you, they are such smart and gentle dogs. While Tucker learned his boundaries right away, Duke was pretty timid and did not want to go outside at all. With a little coaching and time, Michele says he has made huge advancements to going out and using the yard each new day. A shout out to Angelique & Matthew Berry for telling Michele about our Out of Sight Fencing system. You were so fabulous to work with Michele! Welcome to our Dog Guard Family!!!

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