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Dog of the Month

April 2021 Dog of the Month

Look at these two adorable faces! Kayla and Joel Noelting from Allison Iowa recently joined the Dog Guard Family. They have a two-year-old rottweiler red tick hound mix named Grimm. Kayla Reports that "The fence is working wonderfully and it has been the best thing ever"! Enjoy your freedom Grimm!

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March 2021 Dog of the Month

This beauty Great Dane-Mastiff mix is Zoey, she's just 3 months old and has received her official training so that she can now join in with her pooch siblings Blaze, Mila & Bree and run the yard! Dixie & Eich Kuntz Jr of Delta have been our customers for over 18 months now and we are so excited to welcome Zoey on board. Thank you for your business, we really appreciate you and also to Shawn Harmison for his referral šŸ¾

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February 2021 Dog of the Month

Heck yeah we do installations in the snow! Meet Daphne and look at her adorable šŸ¾! She's a 3 month old Great Dane pictured here with her owner, Nick. Nick and his wife Rheannon Ehlers of Tipton are the newest members of our Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing Family. Thank you so much for your business and we can't wait to hear about how much Daphne loves her safe play area. Hopefully she enjoys the snow - it won't be here for long!!

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January 2021 Dog of the Month

We'd like to welcome Finley to the the Dog Guard family! Finley is a 12 week old Mini Australian Shepherd who belongs to Jeff & Betty Maas in Williamsburg. Jeff & Betty have been Dog Guard customers for years and reached out to get Finley trained for their system as they knew she'd love to play in the snow! Finley was a champ during training and Jeff tells us she is doing great since we have left. Thank you again, Betty and Jeff!

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December 2020 Dog of the Month

Please welcome our new friends, Bella & Agnes, to the Dog Guard family! šŸ¾Bella & Agnes are English Bulldogs who belong to Bob & Heidi Skow in Tiffin. The Skows recently moved into a new home and needed containment for Bella & Agnes in their yard - that's when they heard about us from Katy & Jesse Campbell and had us install an Out-Of-Sight fence! Both pups did really well during training after installation and are enjoying their new boundaries out in the snow! Thanks again to the Skows and the Campbells!

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November 2020 Dog of the Month

We'd like to welcome Hawkeye & Fynn to the Dog Guard family!šŸ¾ Hawkeye is a Golden Retriever and Fynn is a Lab/Heeler mix. Both belong to Angelique & Matthew Berry out in Livermore. The Berrys heard about us from Tom & Michelle Finnegan and contacted us to get a Dog Guard system for their yard. Installation took less than 3 hours and both dogs learned quickly during training. Angelique tells us both dogs are getting comfortable with their new boundaries. Have fun out there, Fynn & Hawkeye! Thank you again, Matthew & Angelique. Thank you also to the Finnegans for the referral.

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