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Dog of the Month

April 2020 Dog of the Month

Meet our new buddy, Bo. He's an 8 month old black lab who belongs to Amy & Sam Krier of Oskaloosa. They heard about Dog Guard from Jill & Matt Blanco and wanted to give Bo plenty of yard to roam but didn't want to worry he'd roam too far. Well, we were able to install a Dog Guard system and we got Bo trained up without any issues. We can officially say,
"Bo Knows Boundaries!" šŸ‘ Thank you Krier family!

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March 2020 Dog of the Month

Edward and Tami Saidat from Clive have an adorable 1 year old Bernedoodle named George. Ed said George was put to the test while chasing a bird. He chased it across the yard but stopped promptly when he got to the perimeter! Welcome to the Dog Guard Family!

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February 2020 Dog of the Month

Nicole & Jeff Vivacqua from Fairfield have had a Dog Guard fence since 2017, which we originally installed during their move-in, and trained their two Golden Retrievers. They recently inherited another 7 year-old Silver Lab named Vodka, and had her added to their system! Vodka trained like a pro, and Nicole says everything is going perfectly! Now all three dogs can explore their beautiful yard without worry! Thank you for your continued business!

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January 2020 Dog of the Month

Rachel & Mark Horstman from Sterling just purchased a Dog Guard underground fence for their 2 year-old Weimaraner named Roman, and their 8 year-old Lab mix named Moses! They had another system in place previously, but it wasn't working consistently and was giving them fits. We were able to use their existing wire and keep their layout exactly as they had it, and hook up our professional components - we even took their old system in on-trade for a discount! Both dogs trained perfectly, and Rachel says both dogs are doing a great job! Thank you for choosing Dog Guard!

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December 2019 Dog of the Month

Anthony Thomas from Des Moines just purchased a Dog Guard underground fence for his three Rottweilers; two 4 year-olds named Chief and Mama, and a 1 year-old named Dreka! He was referred by Nickalena & Tom Bedwell and had us install the fence to give access to quite a bit of timber in his yard! All three dogs picked the training up really quickly, and Anthony says they're all doing a great job staying close to home. Thank you for your business!

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November 2019 Dog of the Month

Jodi Bonnett from Fairfield has had a Dog Guard fence since May for her German Shorthair named Gunner, and just added this adorable 8 week-old German Shorthair named Kaiser to her family as well! Kaiser trained like a pro, and Jodi says he does a nice job following big brother throughout the yard! Jodi says Gunner even tries to bark warnings to Kaiser when he gets too close for comfort! Thank you for your repeated business!

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