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For any items not listed here, please call us at (319) 430-7990.

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Single Battery

Qty Description Type of Battery – Large (cylinder-shape) or a small (flat disk-shape)
Single Battery - $16.05

Battery Plan

Battery plans are all yearly and assumed to be changed every 4 months.



Qty Description Color (Red, Blue, Black, Pink, Purple, Orange, and Turquoise)
XXS (7.5-9") - $10.70
XS (9-12.5") - $10.70
Small (12-17") - $10.70
Medium (15-20.5") - $10.70
Large (18-26.5") - $10.70

Chew Guards

Qty Description Which receiver is it for? DG9XT, DG5000 or DGM4 Micro
Chew Guards - $10.70

Indoor Transmitter

Qty Description
Indoor Transmitter - $133.75

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