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Dog Guard Midwest  Serving Iowa, Nebraska, Quad Cities / Western Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas.

November 2023 Dog of the Month

Frank is one good boy šŸ„° He's the 1-year-old Great Pyrenees to Randi & Logan Losh of St Charles, Iowa. Randi & Logan called on us because Frank was wandering the whole countryside. Thanks to Dog Guard's Underground Fencing, Frank is safely contained to his own yard & his parents don't have to worry any more! From Randi:

If you have thought about getting an underground fence, I would highly recommend it! We tried several options for Frank and none of them did the trick... we tried a regular shock collar, our own underground fence, a penned area, even bought him 3 goats so that he felt like he had a job. We were constantly fixing his fence and finding him at the neighbors. Dog Guard Midwest has truly changed his life šŸ„° save your money and your sanity and get Dog Guard!

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