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Dog of the Month

February 2023 Dog of the Month

From 📍 Ankeny, Iowa, we welcome Brandon & Jayme Niebuhr, and their sweet pup, Ruby, to the Dog Guard fam! These folks gave us a call because they wanted Ruby, who's a 6 month old Cockapoo, to be able to roam the yard freely this summer 🥏⛅️ After speaking with Brandon, we are so pleased to announce Ruby is doing terrific! She learned her boundaries quick & easily and is already enjoying her time out in the yard. Thanks so much for choosing our family business to keep Ruby safe!

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January 2023 Dog of the Month

Christopher Dawson lives in Lincoln, NE with his 2-year-old Siberian Husky, Bosco 🐾🏡 We couldn't have been more thrilled to hear how completely satisfied he is & how Bosco's been a much happier boy since being trained! Christopher said he's over the moon & couldn't believe how life-changing our system has been for them both! Bosco used to whine when he was out on his chain, but now that he gets to live off-leash, has been perfectly behaved! We're so glad you're loving your decision to install Dog Guard!

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December 2022 Dog of the Month

From 📍 Lincoln, NE, we welcome Janine Findlay & her two girls, Winnie & Gracie 🐾 Winnie, on the right, is a 7 month old Golden Retriever, & Gracie, on the left, is a 4 year old Havanese. Gracie's been trained to the system previously, so she remembered what the flags meant right away when they were out & it was time for Winnie's training. They are going to have the best time playing outside together! We can't thank you enough for supporting Dog Guard Midwest!!

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November 2022 Dog of the Month

Holidays are so much easier with DOG GUARD! Lea & David Montross had our fencing installed at their home in Williamsburg, IA back in 2015 for their pups- Mia, Blue, Bailey, & Reggie 🏡🐾 Their son recently got a Golden Retriever puppy & was going to bring him home for Thanksgiving, so they decided to have him trained too! Odie (9 months) wasn't too sure at first, but as soon as the seasoned vets came out to play, he jumped right in! Such a good boy!!

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October 2022 Dog (Cat) of the Month

‼️ Did you know we train cats too ‼️ This big furball is a Mainecoon cat named Moose, who has been trained to his family's system in North Liberty. Way back in 2013, Ray & Lindsay Boyum decided to have us install an underground fence for their two Boxers- Packer & Binny. They decided they better get a collar for Moose too, to be able to wander outside without wandering off. He's getting along great & loving the fresh air!! 🌤

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September 2022 Dog of the Month

Julie & Kevin Mason and their two babies live in 📍 Weston, MO. Barrett & Henry- both 9-week-old Great Pyrenees pups are so lucky to be trained to the system of freedom at such a young age! AND they caught on to their new boundaries almost instantly!! We love when dogs are able to play off-leash with one another out in their yards! Thank you so much for choosing 💥DOG GUARD MIDWEST to keep them both safe!

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