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Dog of the Month

August 2020 Dog of the Month

Say "Hello" to Buddy! šŸ¾ He's a 7 month old Bernedoodle who belongs to Jill & Travis Brokaw in Aledo, Illinois. Jill & Travis were looking for a way to keep Buddy safely contained in their yard. That's when they heard about Dog Guard from Jackie & Bryce Benson and contacted us to install an Out-Of-Sight fence at their home. Installation and training took less than 3 hours and Jill tells us, "Buddy is doing super great. Way better than I ever expected it to go." Good dog, Buddy! Thanks for the referral, Jackie & Bryce. And thank you for choosing Dog Guard, Brokaw family! šŸ‘

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July 2020 Dog of the Month

Mindy and Jerrod Collins from West Liberty heard about us from Amy McConnaha:) They have an 8 week old German Shepherd named Tank and a 10 year old Bulldog named Tuff. They live on an acreage and wanted the dogs to have a lot of room to run and patrol. We enclosed about 3 acres for them and word has it from Mindy that they aren't loving the heat, but are enjoying the freedom. Welcome to the Dog Guard Family!

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June 2020 Dog of the Month

Steve & Margaret Manning from Williamsburg are both recent retirees:) They were looking forward to relaxing times. However, Dugan, a 1.5 year old Beagle loves roam and to greet dogs that are passing by, causing them a little undue stress. It was important to them that he has room to run, but that he stay in HIS yard. All is well and they are happy with the fence. Welcome to the Dog Guard Family!

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May 2020 Dog of the Month

Luis and Selena Martinez from Pleasant Hill have a 2 year old Husky named Coco. I was once told that there are 2 types of Huskies, ones that have run away and ones that will run away! Thankfully, Coco is now safely contained in his own yard. Thank you for the referral Josh & Tina Torkelson, and Welcome to the Dog Guard Family!!

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April 2020 Dog of the Month

Meet our new buddy, Bo. He's an 8 month old black lab who belongs to Amy & Sam Krier of Oskaloosa. They heard about Dog Guard from Jill & Matt Blanco and wanted to give Bo plenty of yard to roam but didn't want to worry he'd roam too far. Well, we were able to install a Dog Guard system and we got Bo trained up without any issues. We can officially say,
"Bo Knows Boundaries!" šŸ‘ Thank you Krier family!

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March 2020 Dog of the Month

Edward and Tami Saidat from Clive have an adorable 1 year old Bernedoodle named George. Ed said George was put to the test while chasing a bird. He chased it across the yard but stopped promptly when he got to the perimeter! Welcome to the Dog Guard Family!

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