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Dog of the Month

August 2022 Dog of the Month

This beautiful Great Pyrenees lives in 📍 Hebron, NE with her humans- Christy & Derek Farnstrom. Rona (2 years old) nailed her training session with Trevor & has been LOVING her freedom ever since! Christy tells us she is having the time of her life running off-leash with her doggy brother, John ⚽️🥏🏈. We couldn't be more thrilled to offer you all peace of mind while providing Rona with this much-deserved freedom! Your support is so appreciated!!

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July 2022 Dog of the Month

This sweet family is made up of Erica & Jason Ellerbach and the Frenchie duo of Dex & Duke 🐾🏡 Dex is 8 months & Duke is 2 years- & they are having the time of their lives running & playing together in their Davenport, IA yard! Erica let us know they're both doing great- Dex, who they thought would struggle, is doing just perfect & Duke is exploring more each day & gaining tons of confidence! She even said this has been the BEST INVESTMENT ever for their boys!! Thank you so very much for choosing DOG GUARD to keep them safe!

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June 2022 Dog of the Month

Lucy, Buster, & Cherry make up this happy trio of Boxers! Their humans, Tiffany & Shane Gramblin (Jewell, IA) gave us a call because these three were running across the street, into the neighbors' yards, and were harassing people walking by. After installing Dog Guard, they are safely contained while still being able to run loose (without causing any stress or worry!) Welcome to the family, everyone!

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May 2022 Dog of the Month

Three Ankeny, Iowa neighbors decided to have one big area fenced in for their three pups to play together in! How fun would this be?! Brian & Tonya Miller are the owners of 🐾 Charlie- a 13-year-old Cockapoo. 🐾 Dutch- the Mini Aussiedoodle is 5 months & belongs to Kris & Sheree Vanderkamp. And last, but certainly not least, we have Clayton Cheney & his boy, 🐾 Banks, a 6-month-old Australian Labradoodle. Dutch & Banks have been absolutely loving their freedom from day 1, while Charlie has needed just a bit more time to adjust to these changes, as he's got a few years of previous habits built in. We couldn't be more excited for these 3 boys & we certainly couldn't be more thrilled to have you all join our Dog Guard family!!!

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April 2022 Dog of the Month

Benji Feldpouch lives in Central City, IA with his 4-legged boy, Clyde. He's a 10 month old Great Dane who is naturally pretty anxious & skittish, but is doing so well on the system! He is respecting the flags & has mastered his new boundaries. We're so happy he took to it so well & can now enjoy his freedom when he's out in the yard! Welcome to the Dog Guard fam!

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March 2022 Dog of the Month

How cute is this sweet girl, Millie?! She's one of our newest Dog Guard family members & is only 13 weeks old! She's a Mini Goldendoodle belonging to Peyton Hall of Grinnell, IA. Peyton tells us Millie is learning quickly that the flags are "no-nos" and knows exactly what happens if she gets too close. She's able to correct herself and stays in the yard where Peyton knows she's safe! Thank you so much for trusting Dog Guard!

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