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Dog Guard Midwest  Serving Iowa, Nebraska, Quad Cities / Western Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas.

Dog of the Month

January 2024 Dogs of the Month

Five of the smartest, most attentive German Shorthairs we've met! 🥰 Sheryl & JD Schulte are the proud owners of Kwynsee (2), Journee (4), Piper (13), Diesel (12) & Pebble (6 mo.). Last year we had the pleasure of installing our fencing at their 🏡 Milan, IL acreage & training the 3 girls. This time around we caught the boys, Diesel & Pebble, got them up to speed, and they've been thriving ever since 👏 Such good dogs!

Thank you both so much for continuing to support us!!

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December 2023 Dog of the Month

We are so excited to welcome Lucy O'Brien, her son Nathan O'Brien, & her new pup to our Dog Guard fam! 👋 Rose is just the cutest 3-month-old Cavalier King Charles & is so lucky to be trained to the underground fencing system so young 🥰 She's going to enjoy the off-leash freedom for years & years! Thank you so much for supporting our family business!

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November 2023 Dog of the Month

Frank is one good boy 🥰 He's the 1-year-old Great Pyrenees to Randi & Logan Losh of St Charles, Iowa. Randi & Logan called on us because Frank was wandering the whole countryside. Thanks to Dog Guard's Underground Fencing, Frank is safely contained to his own yard & his parents don't have to worry any more! From Randi:

If you have thought about getting an underground fence, I would highly recommend it! We tried several options for Frank and none of them did the trick... we tried a regular shock collar, our own underground fence, a penned area, even bought him 3 goats so that he felt like he had a job. We were constantly fixing his fence and finding him at the neighbors. Dog Guard Midwest has truly changed his life 🥰 save your money and your sanity and get Dog Guard!

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October 2023 Dog of the Month

Dog Guard isn't just for dogs- we keep cats safe too! 🐱 Alex & Emily Videtto wanted peace of mind when their 1-year-old cat, Sinatra, goes outside to roam their Pella, IA yard 🌤 We're so happy to hear Sinatra figured out the boundaries quick & has been staying right at home 🧶 Thanks for choosing to support our family business, Videttos!

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September 2023 Dog of the Month

This adorable English Cocker Spaniel puppy is named Tripp 🐾 He's just four months old & was giving his new parents, Greg & Pam Meier, a run for their money by taking off any chance he could 💨 They didn't want the fear and stress of that anymore, so they called Dog Guard & we had Tripp trained in no time! We are so glad he's doing well & most importantly- staying safe! Enjoy everyone!

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August 2023 Dog of the Month

New to the Dog Guard clan is miss Gracie 😍 Isn't she just the cutest Mini Goldendoodle?! She's 5 months old & is the new puppy to Steve & Jill Crane- who have been loyal customers since 2021 🎉 Gracie is joining her new brother, Jax (German Shepherd) on the system at their Iowa City, IA home- where she's been getting along great! We hope you all have fun! 🫶

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