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Dog Guard Midwest  Serving Iowa, Nebraska, Quad Cities / Western Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas.

Dog of the Month

May 2024 Dog of the Month

Ronda & Dennis (Walkup) Wilson moved into their new home in Swisher, IA 🏠 and wanted their Loki to have freedom over the acreage. Loki is a 1-year-old Chinese Crested Powder Puff & he's doing amazing with the new boundaries! We're so happy he made this a smooth, simple & painless process for you folks 😇

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April 2024 Dog of the Month

We are so excited to welcome Britni & Thomas Ensminger, and their adorable Olive, to our Dog Guard family! 😍 Olive is a Labradoodle puppy- just 10 weeks old! She caught on so quickly & easily and is absolutely loving the 3.5 acres of freedom she has in Stockport ⚽️💨 Perfect to burn that puppy energy out on!

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March 2024 Dog of the Month

Mason & Katherine Woods were sent to us from Jessica & Zack Woods and we couldn't be more excited ‼️ The adorable, furry guy pictured in the middle is named Paulie 😍 He's an 8 week old Golden Mountain Dog🐾 Mason & Katherine say Paulie is doing amazingly well with his new boundaries & everyone is loving the system! Welcome to the DG family, guys!

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February 2024 Dog of the Month

Rich & Beth Crotty have been valued & loyal customers of ours since 2015 🤩 They live in Ely, IA where this pretty girl just got trained. Luna is her name, and she's an 18 week old Mini Bernedoodle 🦴⚽️ Reports back say she adjusted perfectly & is off enjoying her new freedom! Big thanks for all the support year after year!

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January 2024 Dogs of the Month

Five of the smartest, most attentive German Shorthairs we've met! 🥰 Sheryl & JD Schulte are the proud owners of Kwynsee (2), Journee (4), Piper (13), Diesel (12) & Pebble (6 mo.). Last year we had the pleasure of installing our fencing at their 🏡 Milan, IL acreage & training the 3 girls. This time around we caught the boys, Diesel & Pebble, got them up to speed, and they've been thriving ever since 👏 Such good dogs!

Thank you both so much for continuing to support us!!

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December 2023 Dog of the Month

We are so excited to welcome Lucy O'Brien, her son Nathan O'Brien, & her new pup to our Dog Guard fam! 👋 Rose is just the cutest 3-month-old Cavalier King Charles & is so lucky to be trained to the underground fencing system so young 🥰 She's going to enjoy the off-leash freedom for years & years! Thank you so much for supporting our family business!

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