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Dog of the Month

August 2021 Dog of the Month

Look at these two handsome big boys! Great Dane Tucker is 4 years old, and Duke is 7. They are pictured here with their owner Michele Berte of Algona. As you can see they live in a wooded area and Michele wanted to give them the freedom of running in their large yard, but yet keeping them out of the woods and running off. Don't let their size fool you, they are such smart and gentle dogs. While Tucker learned his boundaries right away, Duke was pretty timid and did not want to go outside at all. With a little coaching and time, Michele says he has made huge advancements to going out and using the yard each new day. A shout out to Angelique & Matthew Berry for telling Michele about our Out of Sight Fencing system. You were so fabulous to work with Michele! Welcome to our Dog Guard Family!!!

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July 2021 Dog of the Month

Caleb Obert of West Des Moines chose Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing to protect his girls Leelee (11 year old Basset Hound) and Aggie (2 year old Treeing Walker Coonhound). The girls can safely play off the leash in their own yard. Welcome to the Dog Guard family!

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June 2021 Dog of the Month

Brad, Lisa and Laney Beadle of Bristow heard about us from Brock & Alexis Beadle. Lilly is a 2 year old Goldendoodle who loves to chase rabbits and run off into the corn. Lilly was quick to learn her new boundaries and stays safe in her own yard and resists the temptation of chasing those rabbits. Welcome to the Dog Guard family!

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May 2021 Dog of the Month

Ace here is a 9 month old silver Lab who belongs to Chris & Amanda Simpson of Oxford. They heard about Dog Guard from Mary Kay & Mike Downes (also our customers), so we installed our out of sight fencing to keep Ace from wandering off. They also added Fin & Dixie, Australian Shepherds to the system which gives the 3 dogs 5 acres of play space. Thanks for choosing Dog Guard!

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April 2021 Dog of the Month

Look at these two adorable faces! Kayla and Joel Noelting from Allison Iowa recently joined the Dog Guard Family. They have a two-year-old rottweiler red tick hound mix named Grimm. Kayla Reports that "The fence is working wonderfully and it has been the best thing ever"! Enjoy your freedom Grimm!

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March 2021 Dog of the Month

This beauty Great Dane-Mastiff mix is Zoey, she's just 3 months old and has received her official training so that she can now join in with her pooch siblings Blaze, Mila & Bree and run the yard! Dixie & Eich Kuntz Jr of Delta have been our customers for over 18 months now and we are so excited to welcome Zoey on board. Thank you for your business, we really appreciate you and also to Shawn Harmison for his referral šŸ¾

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