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Dog of the Month

July Dogs of the Month

Clayton & Ashley Kramer from Coggon just purchased a Dog Guard underground fence for their two Great Pyrenees - a 6 month-old named Mia, and an 18 month-old named Milo! The Kramers heard about us through Julie Burke, and had us install the fence to cover 2.5 acres so the dogs have plenty of space to patrol! Clayton says both dogs are doing a nice job outside, but it's been tough trying to beat the heat with these long-haired pups! Thank you for choosing Dog Guard!

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June Dog of the Month

This handsome fella is a 5 month-old Sheepadoodle named Cash! His owners, Elli & Dan Netolicky from Ely recently purchased an underground dog fence to keep him safe! They found out about us through the Ely Buy/Sell/Trade page, and wanted us to install the fence to encompass Elli's sister's yard as well, so Cash has almost an acre to patrol! Elli says Cash is doing an awesome job, and that the whole experience has been wonderful! Her husband accidentally let Cash outside without his collar, but Cash was none-the-wiser, and went right out into the yard to go to the bathroom, only to return straight home! Thank you for choosing Dog Guard!

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May Dog of the Month

Kurt & Chris Cournoyer from LeClaire just purchased a new system for their 4 year-old Mixed Breed named Blue! They had previously tried a self-install system which did not have great results, but came across our ad on Craigslist and decided to give us a try! Kurt says things are going well - they've played frisbee with Blue in the yard, and he's more than happy to play but is still leery of the flags when they accidentally throw it outside his area! Thank you for choosing Dog Guard

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April Dog of the Month

Jared & Lea Kleinmeyer from Parnell just purchased a new system for their 2 year-old Lab mix named Lucy! The Kleinmeyers have very busy schedules and needed peace-of-mind in letting Lucy outside near a busy highway, and since they live so close to us, they've seen our signs everywhere! Jared says Lucy is doing an awesome job with her new boundaries and while she's still building her confidence outside, they're comfortable letting her play and learn independently. Thank you for your business!

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March Dog of the Month

The Blazek family from Muscatine just purchased a new system for their Chocolate Lab named Daya! They had just moved into a new home, and knew they would need something to quickly contain her. Dena says she's very impressed with how quickly Daya picked up the system, and couldn't believe that she trained so well, so quickly! They've always had to have her on a leash, but thanks to being a great student, Daya now has free roam of the yard. Thank you for choosing Dog Guard!

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February Dogs of the Month

The Kueny's from Elkhorn, Nebraska recently joined the Dog Guard Family. They love big dogs, but needed a way to safely contain them. Remi is a 3 year old German Shepherd, Maverick is a 3 year old Chocolate Lab and Ellie is a 3 year old Weimaraner. Aren't they photogenic!! I think this is the best picture we have ever gotten with multiple dogs:) They are doing great with the fence. Thank you for your business!!

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