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Dog of the Month

September Dog of the Month

Lynsey and Paul Chalupsky from Brooklyn have a 10 month old Golden Retriever named Lambeau. He's a really good dog and doesn't wander much. They wanted the fence just so they wouldn't have to be outside with him 100% of the time. They were referred to us by The Gallaghers:)

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August Dog of the Month

Tonya Speer and Paul Nagengast from Pocahontas are pictured here with Mia, their seven month old Great Dane. They live along a busy road and have lost several other dogs to cars. Mia was a great student and quickly understood her new boundary. Now they no longer have to worry about her. They were referred to us by Grant Wells.

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July Dogs of the Month

Tim and Teresa Sackett from Central City are pictured with their Border Collie named Maggie, and their Golden Retriever named Jack. Tim and Teresa's son recently passed away in an auto accident, so when they inherited Jack, they knew his safety at his new home was paramount. Tim and Teresa were wonderful people to meet, and both they and the dogs seem to have a fantastic support system of friends to help them through an unimaginably difficult time. We were able to give both dogs freedom and security throughout their entire 3 acre property, and they have picked their new boundaries up well. They were referred to us by Jamie Jasper.

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June Dogs of the Month

Nick and Steph Behne from Tipton just recently moved to a new home. Their previous house had a traditional fence for Ella, a nine year old Standard Poodle and Rory, a six-month-old Great Dane. Their new yard is 2 acres and they wanted to give the dogs as much room as possible. We installed their fence just three days ago. When I followed up, Nick said that the dogs just love it and want to be outside all of the time!

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May Dog of the Month

Jessica and Ben Bruening from West Des Moines have an adorable eight week old Yellow Lab named Daisy. They were referred to us by Nikki Kennedy and already referred their neighbors, the Boyle's to us! Puppies train so easily and Daisy was no exception:) Welcome to the DOG GUARD Family!

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April Dogs of the Month

Leslie & Jeremy Hill recently purchased a new home in Osceola. Their previous home had a traditional fence to contain the dogs. Dazey is a 6 year old Lab/Golden Retriever mix and Diesel is a nine year old Teacup Yorkie. Both dogs have adjusted well to their new home, new fence, new surroundings and best of all, their New Freedom!

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