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Dog of the Month

March Dog of the Month

Haley and Corey Yearian from Williamsburg have five children and a five month old Teddy Bear named Owen. As you can imagine, their lives are very hectic and worrying about Owen was one thing they didn't need to add to her list of concerns. If he was ever loose, he would take off running. In fact, Haley told me that her 86 year old grandma had to chase him for a mile one day:). They are thrilled to have the fence and Owen is truly enjoying his time outside.

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February Dogs of the Month

Missy and JD Hartung from Johnston just built a beautiful a new home. They had an Invisible Fence brand fence at their previous home for Alex, their seven-year-old Havapoo. They just added Rizzo, a 10 week old, Old English Sheepdog to their family. We met them a couple of years ago at the Des Moines home show and thankfully they kept our information:) Welcome to the DOG GUARD Family!

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January Dog of the Month

Bob and Susan Sinclair from rural Williamsburg recently got a Christmas puppy. Sophie is an 11 week old Labrador. They previously had an Invisible Fence system for their last dog. They have done a lot of building and excavating, so the wire needed to be replaced. We took their system in on-trade and replaced it with a DOG GUARD fence. Sophie is doing wonderfully!

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December Dog of the Month

Gwen Schimek from Mount Vernon is pictured here with Meg, her adorable 12 week old Wheaten Terrier. She was referred to us by her co-worker, John Harp. Meg was a great student and quickly understood the new fence. Welcome to the DOG GUARD Family!

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November Dog of the Month

Scott and Kristy Hall from Adel have a 9 week old Toy Australian Shepherd named Cubby. He is pictured here with their daughter Cora. Aren't they both adorable! Kristy is a professional photographer and provided the picture for us. They were referred to us by Julianna and Andy Cullen

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October Dogs of the Month

Josh and Kim Stutting from Oskaloosa have three dogs. Bones is a 4 year old Boxer/Pitbull mix, Steel is a 3 year old Lab, and Patches is a three-month-old Griffon/Lab mix. All three of the dogs quickly learned their new boundaries and are staying at home. They were referred to us by Aaron Adam. Josh shared his experience with A co-worker (Kessi Bihn) and she now has a system as well!

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